Type A Jadeite Green Dragon Figurine Pendant with Certificate(天然翡翠龙牌)

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Dragon, the embodiment of strength, power, and wisdom.

Myanmar type A jadeite pendant with jadeite certificate. High translucency, smooth pure green color, delicate vivid carving. Perfect for art collection or gift. 60 cm (24") green cord included.

Size: 73.47 x 47.29 mm

Thickness: 12.10 mm

Color: Green


NOTICE (please carefully read it and make sure you don't mind before your purchase):
  • Please allow 1-3 mm error due to manual measurement.
  • Vein: As a natural mineral, jade isn't "perfect" like man-made products or "fake jades" can be. A vein may naturally occur in the jadeite. It is not considered to be damaged and will not affect the durability of the jade piece. The Asian people cherish these veins because it approves that the jade is genuine and has natural "A" quality.
  • Color: We are committed to present photos that are as close to the actual item as possible and with different backgrounds. Photo editing software will not be used to enhance the color or modify the pictures. Nevertheless, please understand that the color might slightly vary depending on the monitors and screens used.
  • Clarity: It’s common that jadeite pieces have cloud, strand, or granule presence of inclusions, which is called “cotton”. Cotton is a part of the natural process in the formation of jadeite and is a symbol that the jadeite is not chemically treated. In certain cases, cotton can be considered beautiful. The less cotton a jadeite piece has, the more translucent it would be, and the higher value it would have.
  • Texture: Jadeite’s grain size decides its value. Fine-grained jadeite appears to be pure, intense, and uniform with great luster. The grain structure and shape are not noticeable by naked eyes. Jadeite with a larger grain size may appear “dry” with coarse grain texture and would be much less expensive.